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Basic Manicure
Regular $19 / Shellac $33
Our basic manicure begins with hands soaking in collagen gloves to promote younger looking skin, followed by trimming and shaping of the nails, cuticle grooming, nail buffing, hands massage, and a polish of your choice.
Deluxe Manicure
Regular $26 / Shellac $40
In addition to the Basic Manicure, this option includes an OPI sugar scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin, and a warm towel wrap to help your skin feel smooth, moisturised, and relaxed.


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Basic Pedicure
Our basic pedicure begins with a relaxing soak in warm water followed by nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, callus treat-ment, 6-minute ail massage, warm towel wrap, and a choice polish.
Deluxe Pedicure
Our deluxe pedicure includes everything listed in the Basic Pedicure with an additional exfoliation of your legs using an OPI sugar scrub.
Signature Pedicure
Our signature pedicure everything in the Deluxe Pedicure along with a clay mask treatment to absorb excess sebum, and a cooling gel to tighten pores.
Ultimate Pedicure
Our Ultimate Pedicure begins with a relaxing soak in warm water with added mineral sea salt, followed by the trimming and shaping of the nails, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, a choice of 1 out of our 6 detox kits (Cucumber, Green Tea, Jasmine, Lavender, Mango, Tangerine) which consist of the added mineral sea salt, a sugar scrub, mud mask, and massage lotion. The pedicure is finished with a de-stressing 12 - minute oil massage, warm towel wrap, and a polish of your choice.
Jelly Pedicure Add-on
A Jelly pedicure creates a truly unique spa experience by transforming your warm water into a soft and fluffy jelly that provides the ultimate relief for stressed and aching muscles.
*All Pedicure liners are disposable and are used only on one customer.*


SNS Dip Powder is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the natural which is followed by dipping the nail in a powder. The powder comes in a variety of color pigments as well as light pink and bright white for a French manicure style. Like acrylics, dip powder is more durable compared to gel polish. It can withstand color chipping caused by water damage and doesn't require a UV/LED light to cure.

SNS dip powder SNS dip powder SNS dip powder
Full Set
French Add-on


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Polish Change on Hands
$12 / $26
+ For Kids
$8 / $21
Polish Change on Feet
$14 / $28
+ For Kids
$9 / $22
Buff Shine
$5 /
Nail Design
$5 & Up /
Chrome Powder
$5 & Up /
Mood Gel / Marble Gel
$3 & Up /
10-20 Minutes Massage
$10 - $20/
Collagen Gloves Treatment for Hands
$6 /


QT/LCN Gel/ Liquid Gel is the original everlasting gel nail system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails while being free of any harmful chemicals. It is a great coating applied over the natural nail bed or an artificial glued on a tip, which is then cured under a LED light; leaving the nail strong, yet flexible with a naturally glossy and high shiny finish. It will never turns yellow under the sun or tanning bed lights. It also has no odor, chipping, or lifting, and it dries instantly.

liquit gel liquit gel liquit gel
Full Set


acrylic acrylic acrylic
$28 / $38
Acrylic Full Set
$32 / $42
Acrylic Fill-in
$25 / $33
Acrylic Fill-in with Clear Gel Top Coat
Almond/Coffin/Stiletto Shape
Cut Down
French Add-on


Pink & White acrylic, also known as "Permanent French" or "Solar", is the most popular look among women these days. It is classic, timeless, and shiny, giving you a clean and professional look. A non-yelling formula is used for both the while powder edge and inner pink powder nail bed, preventins yellow cause by sun/tanning bed damage.

pink_white pink_white pink_white
Full Set
Pink Fill Only
(Pink Only, with clear Gel Top Coat)

Waxing Services

waxing waxing waxing
Upper Lip
Under Lip
Full Face
Eyebrows + Upper Lip
$55 and up
Half/Full Arms
Half/Full Legs


dermaplaning dermaplaning dermaplaning
  • Manual exfoliate technique,
  • Removes surface debris with custom dermaplaning blade.
  • Benefits:
  • Increases absorption of topical products
  • Immediately diminishes the appearance of fine
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Primes skin for a chemical peel. Creates healthier, more radiant appearance.


The treatment is used to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes and eliminates the use of mascara. They are applied to individual eyelash, one lash at a time for a natural, elegant, and luscious look. They are comfortable to wear and will not damage your natural lashes! It is equally perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.
- NEW SET: Each set is customized to our client's natural eye shape. The set chosen during the consultation depends on how many natural eyelashes the client has. You have the option to upgrade for a fuller, more glamorous set depending on your desired results. A new set generally takes between 100-150 minutes to be applied.
- FILL IN: We recommend our clients receive a touch up every two to three weeks to replenish the fallen hairs, and to maintain your ideal look. Touch ups can be done in 50-70 minutes.
Classic lashes
Each mink lash is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a stunning natural appearance.
Full set: $150
Fill in: $55+
Volume lashes
Multiple lighter and thinner lash extensions are fanned 2D to 5D for a thicker look. It creates a significant volume and is great for clients who have thin lashes or desire a more fluffy look.
Full set: $220
Touch Up: $70 & Up
Eyelash Removal: $25


Eyebrows Tinting
This service consists of applying a dark vegetable dye in order to make the eyebrows look beautiful and full.


retail sale retail sale retail sale
OPI Regular Polish
OPI Infinite Shine Polish
OPI Gel Polish
OPI Nail Envy (Nail Strengthener)
OPI Cuticle Oil
IBD Cuticle Oil
Essie Regular Polish
Seche Vite Top Coat
Orly Base Coat
Fungus Treatment
Epoch Foot Treatment
Voesh Detox Kit
Shiny Buffer
Jelly Spa Kit

*Prices are subject to change without notice*